Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
February 18, 2022
Why would anyone want to be in my Inner Circle?

Inner Circle ; the title alone suggests an exclusive group. An elite, crack-troupe of hand-picked photographers who disciple under my mentorship. The reality is far more down to earth. They are in fact a small group of amate...

Inner Circle; the title alone suggests an exclusive group.  An elite, crack-troupe of hand-picked photographers who disciple under my mentorship.   

The reality is far more down to earth. 

They are in fact a small group of amateur photographers who want something beyond what most traditional photography workshops and course can offer.  They don’t want discussions about the rule of thirds or which buttons to press on their cameras.  What they’re  seeking is far deeper, far more challenging and far more left field.

It’s more about developing photography as a sixth-sense, so that making photographs is instinctive, something that comes from lack of fear and an openness to experiment. 

My early thoughts

I originally conceived Inner Circle as a place where graduates from my Photography Masterclass  would go ,once the course was complete.  During their year together they would have learned an enormous amount about a wide range of photography genres.  They would have made some great friends along the way and got used to monthly assignments to keep them focused and motivated.  Many of them were asking for something more, something to progress onto... once Masterclass ended.

Inner Circle was born

This week’s Tog-Talk is a fascinating insight into what actually goes on inside the Inner Circle group.  I am joined by two students who are halfway through their Inner Circle year…  Nige Ward and Russ Clark.  The guys talk openly and honestly about their experiences so far and what they have discovered, not only about how the group operates… but also how they have grown from the experience.

Want to find out more?

Our second Inner Circle group starts on 12 March (2022) and at the time of writing this, there is still one place free.

To read more about Inner Circle here’s a couple of links.  The first is the webpage and the second is a more detailed description on my blog: the Photography Teacher.

However, you will get the best feel for Inner Circle by listening to Nige and Russ (photos below) in this week’s episode of Tog-Talk.

Russ Clark & Nige Ward

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Nige WardProfile Photo

Nige Ward

Years in the Royal Navy shooting on film. These days shoots digital with Nikon.

Passionate landscape photographer but willing to shoot anything.

One of the original INNER CIRCLE students.

Russ ClarkProfile Photo

Russ Clark

Drone operator, horror enthusiast, car lover and amateur photographer. Loves photographing motorsport and fast cars in general

Most important though, Russ is a member of our first INNER CIRCLE group.