Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson

Ep.26 - The Photographer's Journey with Dr Simon Ruffle

Really interesting conversation between a professional and a student photography with lots of insight into the learner's journey. Practical tips too

Highly Informative with a casual approach

I only became serious about photography when I retired just over a year ago and in that time I have enrolled on Kevin’s Masterclass, Inner Circle and a flash workshop at Hampshire School of photography. He breaks things down to bite-size pieces for us mere mortals to understand and never ceases to amaze me with his depth of knowledge - clearly he is an extremely creative yet very practical photographer. He shares his knowledge with his students and encourages us to work together on challenging assignments. I have learnt so much about photography and grown all thanks to Kevin.


As one of Kevin’s students, this gives me a great advantage to be around and learn from someone that has a huge passion and knowledge for photography. It’s really helping me to become a photographer myself by showing me the different techniques necessary to achieve my goal in getting where I want to be. Listening to these episodes are fun and informative and have given me tips and ideas on my own photography journey. If you ever want to begin or progress in photography I highly recommend reaching out to Kevin.

Reboot or double exposure.

Tog-Talk was launched 2 years ago. See previous review. Due to lockdown it got seriously underexposed however the aperture opened and the light shone in. I have had the pleasure to produce images with Kevin, Forbes and Tracey who are in this Tog-Talk. All are interesting and have differing ideas. Like the early ‘casts they will be diverse, educational and fun.

Fun Filled Knowledge Transfer

This is Kevin at his best, Master Photographer, great teacher and full of fun.

Learning environment.

Kevin is a great communicator. We all love taking pictures. We want to take images that say something. Kevin and his students are encouraged to create a community where ideas are enjoyed and shared together. Those, inevitable, less succesful images are appreciated as attempted because we all have, currently do, and will in the future produce the same style photos that may not 'work.' Kevin provides an ideal safe learning environment. I so needed this podcast to supplement Kevin's teaching and the groups support.