Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson

Unpicking the photographer's journey for those new to the path

Tog-Talk was always conceived, from its earliest days, as being there for NEW photographers.

There are plenty of spaces on the internet satisfying the needs of experienced photographers, but I wanted to reach out to the person who is new to photography, who perhaps has only recently acquired a camera or maybe has had one bought for them as a present.  

Then there are other people who have had a camera for a while, but they've never really had the opportunity to sit down and figure out how it all works.

Tog-Talk is for these people.  It will explain photography in simple terms, it will assume listeners don't always know or understand the terminology, and among those invited into the studio, among the experienced and professional... it will also interview 'ordinary' photographers, who are also new to the journey...

...the Photographer's Journey.

I remember Agi (in the photo above) when she attended one of my earlier workshops for complete beginners.  She was travelling from Newbury to Fleet and got lost on the way.  I was about the start the class on the first evening and my phone rang with a panic-stricken voice at the other end.  I'll admit, I wasn't that impressed.  It's not a good sign when someone is late.

Agi eagerly attended all four weeks of the workshop until finally approaching me to discuss the possibility of private mentoring.  I had not seen that coming at all.  

For a whole year, Agi drove the 66 mile round trip to learn what she needed to go professional.  She worked hard, she put in the hours, she listened to every golden nugget of instruction and advice and she impressed me.  

These days she works from her own studio producing superb work as a full-time professional photographer.

I guess Agi's story is typical of what I love about my job.  Taking people at their earliest stages in their hobby and helping them grasp the skills and knowledge that will transform them into a 'creative force with a camera'.  

The Beauty of Photography

Photography was always the perfect hobby for me (and later a profession).  Not only did I get to photograph beautiful things, beautiful people and beautiful places... but I got to buy loads of really cool camera gear and gadgets!  (Boys and their toys, etc, etc).  What guy wouldn't love a pastime that taps into your creative juices - whilst at the same time allows you to go out and spend ridiculous amounts of cash on cool-looking camera tech?  

These days my GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is much better under control, thankfully.  Passing on my experience of over 50 years behind the camera to the next generation of photographers is far more satisfying... and it's cheaper!

So this podcast is primarily for newbies, photographers who have only just started on their journey.  

Other, more experienced photographers, will likely also find much of the content and conversation, entertaining and informative.  Jeeze, I hope I continue to make people laugh, there's nothing worse than a photographer without a sense of humour!

If I ever start taking myself too serious... it's time to retire. 😉




About the Host

Kevin AhronsonProfile Photo

Kevin Ahronson

Director & Founder of Hampshire School of Photography

Kevin Ahronson bought his first 35mm film camera back in 1969. He joined the school photography club and went straight into the darkroom, learning to mix chemicals, develop and print his own photographs.

Throughout the 1970s, 80 and 90s Kevin passionately pursued his love for the creative image, shooting both still images and the occasional film, joining the BBC in 1973 as a film assistant.

Since 2006 Kevin has been shooting in digital, replacing long hours in the darkroom with long hours