Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
March 03, 2022
What lenses would you pick, if you could only choose three?

Imagine you could only pick THREE lenses to last you for the rest of your life, which ones would you pick? Kevin and Tracey discuss their choices and find out they are not as dissimilar as they thought.

Joined again by Tracey Clarkson, we look at a forthcoming 10-week series for brand new photographers. 

These are planned to be shorter than normal Tog-Talks (around 10-15 mins) and are a basic introduction to photography, without getting too complicated.

Starting next week the first episode will be looking at digital cameras.  Make sure you click the follow button to ensure you don't miss a single episode.

Which Lens would you Pick?
The main topic for conversation today is about picking our top three favourite lenses.  If you could only pick three lenses, just three... to last you for the rest of your life, what would they be? 

There were some surprising similarities between Kevin's and Tracey's choices, and then it turns out they share a mutual dislike of one particular lens.  You'll have to listen to the episode to find out what it is.  It may surprise you.

Lenses from Fujifilm

Some links from the discussion:

Introduction To Photography (1-day Workshop)
This one-day photography workshop will equip you with the knowledge you need to move from simply being a camera-owner… to becoming a real photographer !

Whether you're photographing your kids, snapping your holidays or you're hoping to progress your photography to a more creative level, you'll still need a solid grasp of the basics.

Photography Assessment Tool:
Use this online tool to assess your photography knowledge and get a snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses.

Hampshire School of Photography (HSP)
Hampshire School of Photography is based in Fleet, Hampshire, on the border with Berkshire and Surrey.

Its wide ranging curriculum teaches photography to enthusiasts at all levels - from complete beginners and advanced amateurs, through to those who want to go professional.

It does this through workshops and year-long courses that provide solid foundations in (amongst other things): photography theory, composition, portrait & landscape photography, working with flash, macro photography and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.  Some of our courses go even deeper… to stretch students with challenging assignments, forcing them out of their comfort zones.

Founder of HSP, Kevin Ahronson, also offers private mentoring to a small number of people each year, as his busy schedule allows

Check out our website for more information about courses, all of which are run at our training centre.

Free Viewfinder Workshops:
2 hour workshops, completely free, every month.  We invite photographers of all levels, from complete beginners - upwards.  The only stipulation:  invitations are limited to people we have never met on any of previous workshop.  If you're new to us, then we'd love to see you.

Other useful links:

Blog:  The Photography Teacher
Facebook: Hampshire School of Photography

Contact us on email:

Tracey ClarksonProfile Photo

Tracey Clarkson

Mixed Media Artist

Tracey is the first student from HSP to progress to the role of teaching, she assists Kevin In the beginners' one-day workshop, Introduction To Photography.

Tracey Joined the first one-year Masterclass in 2019 and went on to complete a number of other workshops before eventually joining Kevin's Inner Circle in September 2021.

She joined the original HSP Support Team in 2019, assisting Kevin on larger workshops, being there for the students.

Tracey often combines her photography with painting, describing herself as a mixed-media artist, producing original artwork that is quite stunning. She has a great eye for the visually interesting.