Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
May 04, 2022
Photography Basics Part 8: Which Lens Should You Buy Next?

Today we are asking one of those questions that is constantly being asked by new students to photography…. "Which Lens Should You Buy Next?"

Welcome to Episode 8 of the 10-part Photography Basics series. 

Today we are asking one of those questions that is constantly being asked by new students to photography…

"Which Lens Should You Buy Next?"

Moving on from your Kit Lens

Having got the kit lens that came with your new camera, you're now looking to take your photography to the next level. 

You realise that this lens is perhaps not the best lens to help you.   Kit lenses are usually (there are some exceptions) very low quality, poor optics, poor materials and in most cases, they don't come with wide apertures, making it difficult to shoot in low light and virtually impossible to get nicely blurred out backgrounds.  

There is often a real sense of frustration with the kit lens.  It's at this point that many new photographers start to think they really need to get something else.


This week's Tog-Talk unpacks some of the mystery surrounding lenses and I give you my recommendations for the next lens to buy...

Improving your photography

I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to this broadcast and I hope that you have found it interesting as well as entertaining.   If you're looking to improve your photography and you live close enough to our training centre in Fleet, Hampshire, you could attend one of our workshops (or our longer courses) in both photography and photo-editing.

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Want something more?

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Test your photography knowledge

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