Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
May 17, 2022
Photography Basics Ep.10 - Editing Your Photos

For most of us, editing allows us to produce images which are more eye-catching.  People can however, have strong views.

Episode 10 of the 10-part series looking at Photography Basics.

In this final episode, I take a look at the editing options for your photography.  Editing is an interesting subject and people often have strong views on its pros & cons.

There is a school of thought which refuses any form of image editing, suggesting that images should be captured as they are seen by the camera and not altered in any way.  To do so would be creating a lie, a false representation of what was seen.

Others embrace editing as a way of either producing an image which effectively communicates the impact of the original scene (as witnessed by the photographer) at one end of the scale - through to creating a surreal art form in which the camera plays only a small part in the process, at the other end.  The final result being largely achieved by extensive image manipulation.

And then there are all the various shades between those two extremes (which is where most of us fit).

For most of us, editing allows us to produce images which are more eye-catching.  We remove unwanted objects, we balance shadows and highlights, tweak colours and adjust the final shape of the image with cropping. 

If you would like to know more about editing your own photos, this edition of Tog-Talk is a good introduction.


Links you may find helpful:

Forthcoming Lightroom editing course at Hampshire School of Photography

30 Days of Photoshop. Access my extensive, free online video tutorial series on my  teaching-blog.

Links to editing software mentioned in this edition of Tog-Talk.

Used mainly professionals and advanced amateurs 

Beginners Editing Software

This isn't the entire range of editors on the market, but they are perhaps the most well-known / capable. 

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