Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
April 13, 2023
Ep.26 - The Photographer's Journey with Dr Simon Ruffle

Simon has been one of my students for about 5 years now. His passion for photography is papable with a skill for nailing some great images. His photographer's journey is a fascinating one.

For several years I've been exploring the subject of the journey we all embark on as photographers.   

It really is just like a journey with a beginning and a middle, but it has no end (it goes on forever).  It has all the qualities of a great adventure with highs and lows, it has pitfalls and moments of elation.  And like real journeys, some elements take a long time to get anywhere and others are reached in the blink of an eye.

There is no right or wrong, and no perfect journey (although sometimes, when we struggle with certain aspects of our own photography, the journey can seem a bit tedious).   

When photographers get together and start talking about their own experiences it's amazing how many similarities we share.  Who hasn't had frustrations, who hasn't had moments when they felt like giving up?    Sharing stories is a sobering exercise that puts our problems into perspective.  We realise that we're not alone and that everyone else has (at one time or another) been through exactly the same challenges. 

Dr Simon Ruffle
In this episode of Tog-Talk Dr Simon Ruffle talks about his Photographer's journey and we explore a range of side issues that examine photography from the traveller's perspective.

Tog-Talk is photographers talking, photographers in conversation.  Come and be part of this one.

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Mentioned in the Conversation:

Link to Topaz Labs software
This is excellent software which goes way beyond what Photoshop or Lightroom are capable of in terms of getting rid of unwanted ISO noise.  It uses AI (artificial intelligence), which has been trained on millions of images.  With this knowledge, it removes unwanted noise from your photos and sharpens all the soft, blurry bits for you.  It's a very clever piece of software.

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