Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
February 12, 2022
Ten things I wish I'd known before I became a photographer

What are some of those key things that, if you had learnt them as a beginner photographer, it would have made your life so much easier?

If only I had known these then

Not entirely true… when I became a photographer, many of the things covered in this discussion weren’t even invented.  But for today’s photographers, I know for certain these are really helpful tips because I am constantly finding myself talking to my students about them.

Photography can be complex and the learning process can be very hit or miss when you’re self-taught.  Obviously my students have the benefit of learning from someone who has spent years (decades) making all the mistakes possible… so that they don’t have to.  If only there had been a Hampshire School of Photography when I first started, I could have saved me years of trial and error (and a lot of pain!).

So the ten things we look at in this episode will speed up your learning curve considerably.  Learning on your own doesn’t have to be as painful and frustrating as it was for me.  Let us help take away some of that learning pain from you.

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Today's Guests

I am pleased to welcome back two of my favourite guests, Tracey Clarkson and Forbes Johnston.  Tracey is a student in my Inner Circle and helps me run the beginners' workshops.  

Forbes runs the HSP Academy, our online photography community for the students.  He also recently joined the team currently responsible for setting up the students' photography club.

Tracey Clarkson & Forbes Johnston

Photography Assessment Tool

Right at the end of this episode I talked about our free Photography Assessment Tool.

This is a completely free tool to help you analyse the level of your photography-knowledge, available on the Hampshire School of Photography website.

Answer all 30 questions which look at:

  • What you know about your camera
  • How you take control of your images
  • How you see through your photographer's eyes (your creativity)

Once you complete the process, you will get a personalise score in each of those areas to help you identify your areas of strength and weakness.

Click here to Test your knowledge



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Tracey ClarksonProfile Photo

Tracey Clarkson

Mixed Media Artist

Tracey is the first student from HSP to progress to the role of teaching, she assists Kevin In the beginners' one-day workshop, Introduction To Photography.

Tracey Joined the first one-year Masterclass in 2019 and went on to complete a number of other workshops before eventually joining Kevin's Inner Circle in September 2021.

She joined the original HSP Support Team in 2019, assisting Kevin on larger workshops, being there for the students.

Tracey often combines her photography with painting, describing herself as a mixed-media artist, producing original artwork that is quite stunning. She has a great eye for the visually interesting.

Forbes JohnstonProfile Photo

Forbes Johnston

Forbes has been using a camera for many years and taking it with him around the world as he travelled for his work.

His style is abstract, preferring to let the image speak for itself, utilising the subject's colour, texture and form do the talking.

Forbes attended a free workshop run by the Hampshire School of Photography May 2019 and from there went on to book onto our One Year Masterclass course. Having completed that, Forbes will be joining Kevin's Inner Circle from April this year.

From the beginning of 2022, Forbes took over the role of managing the student online Community called the HSP Academy and more recently he joined the team responsible for running the newly-form students' Photography Club..