Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson

Unpicking the photographer's journey for those new to the path

Tog-Talk was always conceived, from its earliest days, as being there for NEW photographers.

There are plenty of spaces on the internet satisfying the needs of experienced photographers, but I wanted to reach out to the person who is new to photography, who perhaps has only recently acquired a camera or maybe has had one bought for them as a present.  

Then there are other people who have had a camera for a while, but they've never really had the opportunity to sit down and figure out how it all works.

Tog-Talk is for these people.  It will explain photography in simple terms, it will assume listeners don't always know or understand the terminology, and among those invited into the studio, among the experienced and professional... it will also interview 'ordinary' photographers, who are also new to the journey...

...the Photographer's Journey.