Tog-Talk with Kevin Ahronson
April 13, 2022
Photography Basics Pt.6 Taking Sharp Photos

Nailing a sharp focus is arguably more important than getting the exposure right.

Continuing the 10 part series looking at photography basics... today we focus on focus.

More important than Exposure?
Nailing a sharp focus is arguably more important than getting the exposure right.  Take a photo either over or under-exposed, and in most cases you can correct it in post.  Take a photo out of focus and there really isn't much you can do to. 

If you take a photo and the image is soft, if your subject is clearly not sharp, then the chances are that you will have to bin that photo.  Software sharpening can only go so far.  It can't sharpen an out-of-focus image, but it is very good and making an already sharp photo look even sharper.

This week's episode
There are lots of ways to ensure your photos are sharp and in this week's Tog-Talk I will show you two very simple techniques. 

Photography is obviously a visual medium and Tog-Talk isn't.  In an audio broadcast, there will always be limitations on what I can effectively teach. 

However, you may want to check out The Photography Teacher, my online resource that includes techniques, tips and video tutorials on many aspects of photography. 

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